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Keep the following tips in mind when preparing for an interview and writing your resume.


Tip 1...
You have 5 seconds to impress the person reading your resume so make the most of those 5 seconds, but BE HONEST.

Tip 2...
Use bold words to draw attention to something you want to reader to focus on at a fast glance. For instance, If you spent 10 years at your last job, by making the dates bold, will focus on your dedication to your employers. (Longevity is very important to employers and often the first thing looked at)....

Tip 3...
Make sure you have NO MISPELLED WORDS! Have a friend proofread your resume to make sure there are no errors. Even using spell check will not catch there/their, no/know, two/to/too... etc. Errors on a resume can mean the difference of you being called back for an interview or not.

Tip 4...
Make sure your FORMAT is aligned! If you are formatting your own resume, we often see misaligned resumes. Conciseness, accuracy and careful articulation are crucial...

Tip 5...
Use POWER WORDS! By using strong, powerful words to describe you and your responsibilities in your jobs, it will help the reader learn about your personality by reading what is written. See Example Below:

ABC Company
Sales Manager

Aggressively developed solid and lasting relationships with over 100 new clients per month, exceeding sales goals by 25% on average. Kept detailed and accurate records of all client information. Independently made business to business cold calls, Motivated sales team to excel... etc

Examples of power words:

Over-achiever   -    Fluent
Perpetuated      -      Exceptional
Outstanding   -   Initiated
Aggressively   -     Exceed   -   Motivated

Tip 6...
Keep it short, but don't leave important information out. It is ok to have a two-page resume! For instance...If you are a warehouse manager and you leave out information such as "forklift certified, very skilled with operating scissor lifts and high lifts, fluent with many WMS Software including FEDEX, UPS, FastShip" etc... You could be eliminating yourself from the pool of qualified candidates!

Tip 7...
References listed out in full are more impressive to me. When I see a list of references on a resume, it tells me to "go ahead...check my references!" versus a resume that states "references available upon request". Another important point is to make sure that you ask permission of your reference before you give out their phone numbers!

Tip 8...
Summary section of a resume is important if you are lacking skills or experience. This section gives you the opportunity to focus more on your work ethic and traits than actual work experience. See example:

Summary of Qualifications:
- Dependable, trustworthy and dedicated individual. - Proven to be a valued employee by positive work references and recommendations from past employers.

Tip 9...
Fancy Schmancy! Wondering about fancy paper? One of those fancy covers? Pretty colors? In our professional opinion, keep it simple, factual, strong and to the point! Make sure it dosen't have the dreaded "coffee ring" on it, but it can be on nice, plain white paper. The fancy marbled paper does not fax well either!

Remember, you have 5 seconds to grab the attention of the reader and you are ultimately hoping that they call you in for an interview. Once you have their attention, you don’t want to bore them with mistakes or overly redundant information.






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